The Expert Solution for Accessible Travel: 10 Reasons to Book with Wheel the World

Wheelchair-travelers with Wheel the World, the expert disabled travel agency
Wheelchair users traveling with a disabled travel agency.

The travel agency dedicated to people with disabilities is here! Traveling was once a privilege limited to those who had extra disposable income. Over the decades with continual innovation and competition, travel has evolved to being available for anyone who wants to - well, almost anyone.

One of the fundamental disadvantages was the lack of accessibility for wheelchair-users and people with disabilities. Air travel, accommodations, transportation, and virtually every aspect of travel wasn't created with accessibility in mind. Fortunately, this is improving year over year with the increased awareness of inclusivity in the travel sector.

It's still not perfect by any means. Information can still be unreliable and the advertised accessible hotel rooms, tours, or experiences are often unpredictable. Have you ever shown up to a room only to discover that it wasn't anything as promised? This scenario is all too common and it underscores the need for change.

Wheel the World was Founded by a C6 Quadriplegic

Wheel the World was founded by a C6 quadriplegic, Alvaro Silberstein, who knows very well firsthand the challenges of unreliable accessibility and information. This is why the company was founded, with a simple mission: make travel more accessible. With over 250 destinations spanning over 30 countries worldwide (and counting), you can book all your accessible travel needs in one place.

The Expert Accessible Travel Agency: 10 Reasons to Book with Wheel the World

Wheel the World is an accessible travel agency. The goal: travel without limits. With expert travel planners and dedication to accurate information, it is the go-to company for your accessible travel needs. The question is, why should you book with Wheel the World?

Measuring bed height is one of the 200 data points Wheel the World takes to ensure reliable and accurate information
Measuring bed height - Wheel the World compiles over 200 data points for accurate accessibility information

Reason 1: Comprehensive Accessibility Information

Wheel the World takes accessibility seriously and understands that travelers need to have confidence in the information they rely on when planning their trips. That's why one of the key reasons to choose Wheel the World as your travel partner is the provision of comprehensive accessibility information.

The pieces of information you read is guaranteed to be accurate because of the method Wheel the World implements. Through the implemented Mappers Program, there are over 200 data points compiled with each listing you see on the website. All of it is relevant information based on accessible travel needs. The door width of the entrance, bed height, the presence of a roll-in shower, amount of turning space available, and so much more. There isn't just an ADA sign slapped on the hotel, which we all know doesn't really mean much. Instead, you will know exactly which room you are getting and the accessibility features it has. This verified information applies to activities, tours, and multi-day trips as well.

"We were nervous about the trip as we find a lot of the time places to stay and activities aren’t as accessible as they claim to be and this can be really stressful. This trip was not like this at all. All the activities were easy, we both felt confident that we were both safe and we could enjoy the adventure without feeling like we had to miss out. That’s priceless to us." - Wheel the World Traveler
Disabled travel agency, Wheel the World, is dedicated to providing a worry-free trip.
Wheel the World travelers enjoying their trip.

Reason 2: Dedicated Travel Expert Support

Wheel the World believes in providing personalized support for travelers at every stage of their journey. Dedicated travel experts are available to assist you before and during your trip, ensuring that your accessible travel experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

When you select and book a hotel or tour, you don't need to make calls anymore. The travel experts will make the reservations for you and confirm that the accessibility features you need are available during your dates. Whether you have questions, special requests, or need assistance with unexpected situations, Wheel the World's experts are just a call or message away. Their expertise and commitment to your well-being will allow you to have piece-of-mind during your travels.

Reason 3: The 'Destination Verified' Program is Accelerating Accessibility

Wheel the World's 'Destination Verified' program aims to enhance accessibility of cities. It starts with a complete analysis of a location. Wheel the World has trained mappers that take measurements of the hotels, compiling over 200 data points relevant to accessibility needs of travelers. Bed height, step-free entrances, and shower type just to name a few. Additionally, they assess local restaurants, attractions, and tours to determine how accessible each one is.

When a town or city receives the 'Destination Verified' seal, it will be given a dedicated page on Wheel the World with a complete accessibility picture of the location. Travelers with disabilities can view and book accessible accommodation, activities, and much more with accurate information.

Reason 4: Comprehensive Travel Planning

When you choose to book a multi-day trip, tour, hotel, or activity through Wheel the World, you're benefiting from the knowledge and experience of travel experts who have planned trips with and for hundreds of individuals with disabilities. They understand the unique needs and challenges of accessible travel, and that's why they handle all the details for you.

From coordinating accommodations, transportation, and accessible activities, Wheel the World ensures that every aspect of your trip is meticulously organized. This comprehensive approach to travel planning allows you to focus on enjoying your journey while Wheel the World takes care of the logistics, providing a worry-free and truly memorable travel experience.

"They [Wheel the World] made my planning and over all trip so much easier than if I had to figure all that out on my own, I don't think I would have been to see and do all that stuff without their help. To be able to just pay for it all at one place was such a relief." - Wheel the World Traveler
Accessible transportation for your trips can be organized by Wheel the World
As an expert accessible travel agency, Wheel the World can organize all the details, including accessible transportation

Reason 5: You Can Book Trips All Around the World

With an ever expanding network of partners, Wheel the World's options span over 250 destinations in more than 30 countries. A number that is continually growing. Whether you dream of exploring the historical architecture in Rome, experiencing romantic evenings in Paris, or want a quick weekend getaway to New York City, you can be confident booking accessible trips in diverse and exciting destinations. Their global presence ensures that you have a wide range of accessible travel options to choose from, making it easier than ever to embark on your next adventure, no matter where you want to go.

Wheelchair travelers can book trips all over the world, in over 30 countries with Wheel the World
Trips available in over 250 destinations spanning over 30 countries worldwide

Reason 6: Ready-to-Book Vacation Packages

One of the most convenient ways to explore a destination is to choose a vacation package that combines accommodation, tours, activities, and transportation - all of which includes accessibility. Wheel the World offers pre-built, ready to book multi-day vacation packages in a variety of destinations.

Here's how it works:

  • Sign up and complete your accessibility profile (this is explained in reason 6)
  • Browse multi-day trip packages by destination.
  • Request to book, leave us your comments, and a travel expert will make all of the arrangements for you.
  • Pack your bags! Once your trip is booked, Wheel the World will ensure your accessibility needs are met during your trip.

It's really that simple. No need to extensively plan, coordinate, or double-check the accessibility information anymore with Wheel the World's travel experts.

Reason 7: The A11y Profile Match is Perfect for Your Accessibility Needs

When you sign up at Wheel the World, there is an accessibility profile that you fill out. The purpose of this is to get a complete idea of your specific travel needs and accessibility requirements that will provide suitable matches for accommodation, activities, and travel packages. The approach for accessible travel is not a "one size fits all", rather, everyone's situation is unique. Wheel the World understands this better than anyone by creating a personalized experience.

The benefits of the A11y Profile:

  • Personalized experience: There is vast selection of accessibility features shown for travel bookings, so your profile will help create trips suitable to both your interests and needs.
  • Fill it out only once: forget about being asked the same questions over and over! You only have to fill out your accessibility profile once.
  • Unlimited options: You won’t see less options, but travel experts at Wheel the World will be able to give you better suggestions.

Complete your profile and start searching for your dream vacation.

The A11y profile matches your accessibility needs with the most suitable hotels, experiences, and trips
Fill out your accessibility profile for best matches

Reason 8: A Network of Partners and Training in Accessibility

Wheel the World's commitment to accessibility extends beyond booking trips. Through a continually growing network of partners, we collaborate with tourism professionals worldwide to raise awareness and offer training in assisting individuals with disabilities. Wheel the World works hand-in-hand with these partners and aims to create a travel industry that is not only accessible but also empathetic, knowledgeable, and understanding so that everyone can have a worry-free journey every step of the way.

Having a strong network of partners also gives us the ability to expand our reach and impact on travel accessibility. This is another reason to book with Wheel the World, because you know that we collaborate with the best travel industry partners out there.

Wheel the World aims to advocate for and impact accessible travel around the world

Reason 9: Advocacy and Impact

The mission runs deeper than traveling and going on a vacation. Rather, it is to make the world more accessible so that everyone, regardless of physical abilities, can have impactful experiences. Every journey with Wheel the World contributes to creating a travel community where everyone can partake in meaningful experiences and where travel is a bridge to understanding and connection.

Reason 10: No Extra Fees

Last but certainly not least, there are no extra fees associated with booking hotels, activities, or trips through Wheel the World. All of the extra fees are taken on by the respective partners and tour providers, allowing Wheel the World customers to avoid these!


Traveling is becoming open to everyone. With the convenience, accessibility, and dedicated travel experts available for all your travel needs, your next vacation can be a reality. The only question to answer now is: where's your next trip going to be?

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