The 10 Best Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Paris for Every Budget

A beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower from across the Seine River, with a river cruise boat floating by.
Paris, France

Deemed as the city of romance, Paris is known for its artistic allure, iconic landmarks, and world-renown cuisine. Bringing people from all around the world to observe its captivating ambiance, it is a must-visit destination! There are numerous wheelchair accessible hotels in Paris right in the heart of downtown and in close proximity to many of the must-see attractions. But, what about Paris as a whole?

Is Paris Wheelchair Accessible?

In short, yes! Paris is relatively flat making it a wonderful city for wheelchair users to explore. Portions of the city may have uneven pavement making it a little more difficult, but on the whole, Paris is accessible and doable to navigate in a wheelchair.

What About the Sites and Attractions?

Many of the sites and attractions accessible as well. The Louvre, for example, is committed to providing assistance for those who are disabled and provide accessible facilities throughout the museum. Although most of the attractions in the museum can be seen without going up steps, there are several elevators and lifts available if needed. Skip the line and book a private guided tour where you can experience the best The Louvre has to offer.

A wheelchair user at the Louvre museum observing the Mona Lisa painting.
Wheelchair Accessible at The Louvre in Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower is accessible for wheelchair users up to a certain point. There is a lift that can be taken to the 1st and 2nd floors but not to the highest level (for evacuation safety reasons). The staff does a good job accommodating everyone and you will find accessible facilities on both of the floors, including bathrooms, buffets, and shops.

Make sure to do your research and plan ahead to determine which attractions and activities you want to visit, most of which should have accessibility information available.

Getting to the Hotel: Transportation Tips

The Bus System

One of the reliable sources of accessible transportation in Paris is the bus system. Most of the buses, if not all, now have wheelchair lifts and are very accommodating. Plus, bus routes are able to cover a lot of areas in the city making it an ideal mode of transportation to get around. Tickets can be purchased at any of the metro and bus stations. To find more information on accessible bus lines in Paris, click here.

Subway / Metro

The subway system (Metro) in Paris can be confusing, as there are several different kinds of stations with various routes in and out of the city. It can be hard to rely on many of the stations as most don't have proper accessible features. The most reliable station is the Metro Line 14, which have roll-on and off access for wheelchair users, as well as elevators at each stop. This route doesn't cover a lot of the city, but it does have stops near major attractions such as the Louvre and Seine River. Click here for more information.

Renting a Vehicle

If you are comfortable driving in a large city, renting a vehicle is a good option. It allows your to explore areas that are further away from your hotel or outside of the city. The easiest way to find and book a reliable, accessible vehicle (plus insurance) is to fill out this form and our travel experts will get back to you with a quote. They will be able to fulfill the accessible needs you require when renting a vehicle.

Now that we have that covered, let's get into the accessible hotels.

We wanted to include options that would cover any budget, from higher-end hotels to more affordable ones. However, keep in mind that every hotel included on the list is comfortable and equipped with accessibility in mind.

The selected hotels were chosen based on their accessibility features, supportive staff, and the close proximity to popular attractions. However, there are several options outside of this list that may fit your needs better, which you can check out here.

Without further adieu (no pun intended) let's reveal the list, in no particular order.

The Best Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Paris

1. Dress Code Hotel

A modern and trendy hotel, the Dress Code features spacious wheelchair accessible rooms with hardwood floors and a free turning radius. There are two types of accessible rooms available you choose from, both equipped with roll-in showers, bathroom grab bars, and free turning space.

A breakfast buffet is available every morning, as well as the Honesty Bar onsite where you can unwind and enjoy a cocktail. However, surrounding the hotel you will find many cafe and restaurant options that can be easily reached in your wheelchair.

Iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are a quick 10-15 minute drive away by taxi, ride share, or even public transportation. But hey, if you're feeling adventurous, why not roll around the city in your wheelchair? Paris is surprisingly accessible, and you'll find that these renowned attractions are relatively close to the Dress Code Hotel. There are also many museums around Dress Code, including the Musee de l’Orangerie and Museum of Decorative Arts.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

2. Crowne Plaza Paris - Republique

Another option for an amazing accessible hotel in Paris is the Crowne Plaza. They offer rooms with many accessibility features, such as a roll-in shower, toilet grab bars, smooth flooring and free turning space. The hotel staff is ready and available to help with carrying bags and navigating the building. A full on restaurant and bar is located on site, both equipped with ramp access.

Surrounding the hotel are cultural attractions such as the Opera Garnier and the Museum of Modern Art. The subway is very close to the hotel and can be easily accessed so that you can explore every area around Paris during your stay.

Depending on the time of year you book, you can snag a room for under $250 per night. But even during the popular travel months such as in the summer, rooms are still just over $300 per night. Considering the location and surrounding conveniences, the Crowne Plaza is one of the more affordable accessible hotels in Paris.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

3. Hotel Villa Saxe Eiffel

Located in the 7th district of Paris, the Hotel Villa Saxe Eiffel is a great affordable option. During the slower travel months, you can find a room for about $250 per night right in the heart of Paris.

As you may have guessed based on the name, this hotel is located just minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. By vehicle, it is less than ten minutes from the hotel. Nearby is also the famous Louvre Museum and Champ de Mars; beautiful park to relax and enjoy the views of Paris.

Breakfast is available at the hotel with a full on bar lounge onsite. Neat hint: Every Thursday and Saturday morning there is charming farmers market on Avenue de Saxe, about a stones throw away from the hotel. With views of the Eiffel Tower, the farmers market has classic French food, wine, and flowers.

Considering the location, this relatively inexpensive hotel is equipped with comprehensive accessible features that will ensure a comfortable stay. You will find a roll-in shower, toilet grab bars, smooth flooring, and a free turning space.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

4. The Ritz Paris

This stunning five-star hotel is centrally located, offering a plethora of things to do nearby. With comprehensive assistance services for guests, the dedicated staff provides wheelchair push/carry help, ensuring smooth navigation throughout the premises. They are also readily available to lend a helping hand with handling bags and belongings, as well as assisting with transfers, such as wheelchair-to-taxi.

The Ritz is equipped with beautiful facilities such as a pool with a lift, a garden, and a restaurant bar on site. Depending on which room you book, there are several hotel accessibility features such as a roll-in shower and toilet grab bars in the bathroom.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

5. The Originals Boutique, Hôtel Maison Montmartre

With views of the Sacré Coeur, this modern hotel offers a variety of attractions close enough to avoid taxis. Experience flea markets and trendy restaurants around the hotel, or play a game of pétanque on their rooftop bar.

The standard double room comes with accessibility features such as a roll-in shower with a shower seat, toilet grab bars, and free turning space. The entire premises is equipped with accessibility in mind, with step free entrances in to the lobby and ground-floor restaurant, an elevator, and the best part, private parking. There are two accessible parking spaces at the hotel, which is like a goldmine in a city like Paris.

With event and meeting rooms available, the Maison Montmartre is perfect for a business trip. And, with events and happenings always on the schedule, it is also perfect for fun and relaxation.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

6. La Clef Tour Eiffel Paris

Located about half a mile from the Eiffel Tower, this hotel offers a variety of accessible features and amenities. The double room is accessible with a roll-in shower, smooth flooring, toilet grab bars, and free turning space. A plethora of amenities are available, such as storage for any extra bags you have, and a free fitness center if you want to get a workout on to possibly alleviate some jet lag. Afterwards, grab a beer or a cocktail at the bar onsite.

The hotel provides a shuttle services for transportation to and from the airport for extra convenience. If you're renting a vehicle, they have parking at the hotel. If not, the Trocadéro Metro Station is about two blocks away, making it a great option for getting around the city.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

7. Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysées

A beautiful five-star hotel located along the Champs-Elysees; the most well-known and beautiful avenue in Paris. Just over a mile long, this avenue holds the famous Arc de Triomphe, Grand Palais, many restaurants, shopping stores, and a lot more.

There are lifts and elevators for entrance to the lobby, and the breakfast room has a step-free entrance to the seating area. The two accessible rooms, premiere suit and one bedroom premiere suit, are both equipped with roll-in showers, toilet grab bars, and free turning spaces.

The hotel has a shuttle for airport transfers upon request and provides many types of assistance for wheelchair users. Hotel staff can help wheelchair users transfer from their chair into a taxi, carrying bags and wheelchairs, and help push if needed.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

8. Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg

This five-star hotel is located in the heart of Paris, right next to the Place de la Concorde and not too far from the Eiffel Tower. Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg maintains the culture and ambiance of Paris with its fine restaurants, fashionable bar, and charming terrace, all of which are accessible. After all the hustle and bustle of roaming around Paris, you'll probably want to spend some time at the hotel Spa, for free, to help unwind and relax after a long day.

The staff are committed to helping all of their guests by providing assistance with transfer help between wheelchair and vehicle, carrying bags, and pushing wheelchairs. Two room options are available complete with accessible features like a roll-in shower with a backrest shower seat, smooth flooring, toilet grab bars, and free turning space, making it one of the best wheelchair accessible hotels in Paris.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

9. Cheval Blanc Paris

Another five-star hotel option, Cheval Blanc Paris holds true to the heritage and quaintness of the city. Located on the 7th floor is a charming rooftop restaurant with a garden that overlooks the Seine River, as well as views of the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame-de-Paris. Enjoy a sweet french dessert, or two, or three... made with strawberries and other ingredients right from the garden on the rooftop.

Equipped with assistive staff, this accessible hotel in Paris will not disappoint. A pool and spa furnished with a lift will help with relaxation, as well as the sauna located onsite. Rooms are available with roll-in showers, toilet grab bars, smooth flooring, and free turning spaces.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.

10. Golden Tulip Opera de Noailles

Located in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement, this hotel lies in the heart of Paris. The Golden Tulip Opera de Noailles features two different types of accessible rooms for people with reduced mobility. Both rooms are on the ground floor with a patio or garden views, and bathrooms are equipped with roll-in showers, grab bars, and free space under the sink. Breakfast is available at the hotel as well as a trendy bar on the ground floor.

Surrounding the hotel are famous landmarks and attractions, such as the Louvre, Palais Garnier, and iconic Pont Neuf bridge. It is only about a 5-10 minute drive to all of those locations, but you can easily get there in a wheelchair. The Seine River runs through the city, where Pont Neuf is, making it a great area to explore near the hotel.

For more detailed information on accessibility, availability, and prices, click here.


These are some of the best wheelchair accessible hotels in Paris, complete with an exceptional range of amenities and services that ensure a comfortable and convenient stay for all guests. The centralized locations near must-see attractions allows for a more hassle-free trip. Are you ready for an accessible getaway to Paris, France?

"We were nervous about the trip as we find a lot of the time places to stay and activities aren’t as accessible as they claim to be and this can be really stressful. This trip was not like this at all. All the activities were easy, we both felt confident that we were both safe and we could enjoy the adventure without feeling like we had to miss out. That’s priceless to us." - Wheel the World Traveler

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