Coos Bay Accessibility Insights: Where to Stay and What to Do

Coos Bay Accessibility Insights: Where to Stay and What to Do
Charleston Marina, Oregon Coast

Nestled along the Oregon Coast is the picturesque Coos Bay. Surrounded by nature, the ocean, and abundant wildlife, this is an outdoor lover's haven. While there are multiple State Parks on its doorstep, don't be fooled into thinking that this is all the area has to offer.

There are plenty of historical sites of interest, too. With various museums, boardwalks, and marinas to visit, you're going to be able to fill your time with a range of sites to suit your mood. Alternatively, lounge at the beach if the sun is shining, explore the casino, or go shopping for a day should the weather not be in your favor.

Not everything is fully accessible, though. So, we've taken the time to check out the best accessible activities in Coos Bay. Make this your next travel destination, and enjoy everything that Coos Bay has to offer when you stay here.

Accessible places to stay in Coos Bay!

Edgewater Inn, Coos Bay

Talking of staying, the accessible Edgewater Inn is conveniently located just a few minutes from the Coos Bay Boardwalk. It offers an accessible Queen room with an ensuite (bathtub). Additionally, there is a designated accessible parking space and step-free access to the hotel lobby and dining areas. The room entry is not step-free, but once inside, there is plenty of turning space and step-free access to the ensuite and closet. Both the bathtub and toilet are well-equipped with grab bars.

Edgewater Inn - Accessible queen (bathtub)

Accessibility details:

  • 35-inch wide doorway to the room.
  • 65 inches of free space at the side of the bed.
  • Step-free access to ensuite bathroom.
  • 60+ inches ensuite turning space.
Edgewater Inn - Accessible queen (bathtub)

The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park

Nestled along the scenic Oregon Coast, The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park offers a perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation. With a waterfront location, guests can enjoy stunning views and easy access to Coos Bay. The hotel features comfortable accommodations, a lively casino, diverse dining options, and exciting events. The RV Park provides a convenient stay for travelers seeking a home-away-from-home experience with full hook-ups and picturesque surroundings.

The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park - Tower King ADA (roll-in shower)

Accessibility details:

  • Roll-in shower with shower grab bars and shower seat.
  • Bed's height -25 in.
  • Toilet seat 17-19 in high.
  • Toilet grab bars are available.
The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park - Tower King ADA (roll-in shower)

Exciting and accessible activities to enjoy when staying in Coos Bay!

Charleston Marina

Located in the heart of Charleston, the marina is a lovely place for a gentle wander. Complete with accessible boardwalks, you can stroll along the beautiful harbor and watch the fishing boats as you do. Not only that, but there are a number of accessible waterfront restaurants offering a range of delicious seafood dishes. If you want something more active, then crabbing, clamming, and boat tours can all be taken from the marina as well.

Charleston Marina, Coos Bay

Charleston Marina is completely flat, which makes it a fully accessible area for independent exploration. Additionally, if you need a break, there is step-free seating available. Only one spot in the area has a restroom, but this is fully accessible and step-free, with 60-inch turning space, grab bars, and sink clearance provided.

Accessibility details:

  • Completely flat paths.
  • Step-free access to seating and restrooms.
  • 60+ inches restroom turning space.

Oregon Coast Historical Railway Museum

If you want to know a little more about the history of Coos Bay, then the Oregon Coast Historical Railway Museum is a lovely venue to visit. Wander through the museum to discover a collection of vintage locomotives, rail cars, and old equipment, all of which detail the history of the railroad in Oregon. Excitingly, you can also get in on the action as you can take a ride on one of these trains, enjoying some of the local scenery along the coast. All the while, you'll discover the importance of this rail network in historic Oregon.

Oregon Coast Historical Railway Museum, Coos Bay

Within the museum itself, getting around is very simple and easy. All the paths are smooth and flat, with step-free access to the main exhibition areas. There is also line-of-sight access to all areas of interest within the museum. But some exhibits, such as the trains outdoors, do have steps to enter, although handrails are provided. Additionally, many of the exhibits are interactive for both hearing and visual disabilities. All restrooms are step-free and have ample turning space with sink clearance and a toilet height of 18 inches. There is no designated accessibility parking provided, though.

Accessibility features:

  • Step-free museum access.
  • Gentle ramp with no handrails.
  • Step-free exhibition area.
  • Flat, paved paths.
  • No designated accessible parking spaces.
  • Step-free restroom.
  • Tactile materials for visual disability.
  • Bag carry assistance is provided.
  • Service dogs permitted.

Coos Bay Boardwalk

For a leisurely look at the local coastal area, a walk along the Coos Bay Boardwalk is the perfect option, be it the morning or the afternoon. Stunning coast views await you, including, if you're lucky, seal sightings and sunsets if you go later in the day.

Coos Bay Boardwalk

As this is a boardwalk, you'll find that the entire area is completely flat and easy to navigate on your own once you have navigated the initial two steps. Almost all boardwalk areas also feature handrails for extra accessibility. While there is no designated seating provided, seating areas are all step-free. All the areas and most points of interest are fully accessible as well. There are no obstacles in place, but some viewing platforms, such as that for the Koos No. 2 boat, have steps only.

Accessibility features:

  • Smooth, flat paths and walkways.
  • No steps to most viewpoints.
  • Step-free seating.
  • No public restrooms.
  • Service dogs permitted.
  • Large print signs.
  • Visual notifications.

Coos Bay Visitor Center

For those of you who really like to plan your trip, then an initial stop at Coos Bay Visitor Center may be the thing for you. The center is staffed by friendly workers who are ready to give you pointers, directions, maps, suggestions, and more regarding the top activities and sights in the local area. It's a great place to get planning.

Coos Bay Visitor Center

The building is fully accessible, with step-free access and a handicap button for the main door. Additionally, the ticket area is located at ground level, has a lowered ticket desk in place, and has multiple disability guidance options available. Restrooms are all accessible in the building as well, providing low toilets, plenty of turning space, step-free access, and grab bars.

Accessibility details:

  • Two designated accessible parking spaces.
  • Step-free restrooms.
  • Automatic faucet sensor.
  • Completely flat outdoor area.
  • Ground-level ticketing with a lowered ticket counter.
  • Step-free building access.
  • Service dogs permitted.
  • Assistive guidance for hearing or visual disabilities.
  • Auditory and large print guidance.
  • Visual notifications.

Fishermen's Seafood Market

For foodies out there, the Fishermen's Seafood Market is a must when visiting Coos Bay. This market is where you can find all the locally caught seafood, from crabs to fish. It gives you access to one of the most authentic fishing experiences in the region through the chance to sample some local dishes and delicacies.

Fishermen's Seafood Market - Coos Bay

There are two steps to enter the main building, but there is an alternative ramp entrance as well. Once inside the market, the floor is flat and smooth. The metal ramp down to the market is very steep, but it does have handrails along the entire length. No information on restrooms is provided for the market.

Accessibility features:

  • Steep slope ramp.
  • Flat paths and walkways.
  • Service dogs are allowed.
  • Large print visual guidance.

Coos Bay Shopping Village

A relaxing day can be had simply by wandering the Coos Bay Shopping Village. Located next to the Coos History Museum, the Shopping Village is home to a variety of small shops and local eateries. You can find various treats, delicacies, and boutiques accompanied by some local charm.

Coos Bay Shopping Village

The entire area is wheelchair accessible and gives you the option of navigating this area alone. It's all outdoors, with smooth paths around each of the shops and boutiques. Impressively, there are plenty of designated accessible parking spaces available. However, in the main area, there is no seating provided. You will have to check out individual shops and eateries to see what they offer on this day of exploration. Please note that individual shops, boutiques, and eateries may not be fully accessible.

Accessibility features:

  • 15 designated accessible parking spaces.
  • Smooth outdoor area.
  • Service dogs permitted.

Charleston Marine Life Center

Discover more about the local marine and wildlife at Charleston Marine Life Center. Offering a captivating look at the underwater world, this 2-story museum is home to interactive exhibits showing off the range of sea life found in the area. Excitingly, you can get close to the flora and fauna via touch tanks, learn about the local ecosystem, and get a better understanding of conservation. It's a fully educational experience accessible to all.

Charleston Marine Life Center, Coos Bay

Within the museum, there is easy access to all exhibits, although there is no information on accessing the second floor. Between exhibit areas, there is plenty of maneuvering space. Access to the center is at ground level and is step-free. A wide range of additional accessibility guidance materials are provided, including subtitles, assistive guidance, and large print for one of the best accessible experiences in Coos Bay.

Accessibility details:

  • Step-free access to the Center.
  • Wide door width at 72 inches.
  • The exhibition area is clear of obstacles.
  • Designated accessible seating area.
  • Line of sight for all points of interest.
  • Two accessible parking spaces.
  • Service dogs are allowed.
  • Assistive guidance for visual or hearing-impaired.
  • Large print.
  • Captioning and subtitles are provided.

Simpson Reef Vista Point

Slow things down a notch when you visit this overlook. From the Simpson Reef Vista Point, you can immerse yourself in ocean views without ever leaving the land. The breathtaking views are well worth the trip thanks to the flat trail and outdoor area, accessible benches, and large print information boards and maps.

However, if you want to get up close and personal with some local marine life, then you'll need to take a boat tour to Simpson Reef itself. There, you can visit colonies of seals and sea lions, observe seabirds, and more.

Accessibility details:

  • Smooth, accessible path.
  • Step-free seating access.
  • Two designated parking spaces.
  • Service dogs are allowed.
  • Large print.

So... What are you waiting for?

Coos Bay is located on the scenic Oregon Coast and is home to some of the area's natural beauties. However, it's not just nature that's a big draw here. On top of the State Parks, there are a multitude of other activities to engage in. From shopping to wandering around the marinas, there's a relaxing day of pastimes just waiting for you to explore. As this is just a taster of some of the daily activities available, you can find out more about what you can do in the area by checking our travel resources here.

Discover What to See and Do in and Around Coos Bay!

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