Wheelchair-accessible Palm Beach, Florida: How to move around, things to do, and exceptional places to eat

Wheelchair-accessible Palm Beach, Florida: How to move around, things to do, and exceptional places to eat
Town center, Palm Beach FL

Palm Beach is a bustling, vibrant area close to the beach. It's well-known for its good quality of life, relaxing beaches, stunning shopping options, and abundant small boutiques. Additionally, the area has a lot of natural beauty and some interesting museums to spend the day. Getting around is also relatively easy, with various transport options to help you get about. There's a lot on offer here; maybe this will be your next vacation spot?

With many activities, museums, and restaurants in the area, knowing which ones cater to accessibility needs is a must. To save you time and heartache, we've had a look at all the things you can do and the restaurants in the area, finding the best accessible options for you. We've even had a look at ways you can get about the area. For the best time, have a look at the options below.

Accessible things to do in Palm Beach

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

A non-profit organization, Loggerhead Marinelife Center is dedicated to sea turtle conservation, including the ecosystem and their habitat. Within the center, you'll find educational programs as well as rehabilitation services provided to injured sea turtles. Additionally, the center conducts ongoing research to further understand and aid these sea creatures while promoting ocean conservation on a wider scale.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Palm Beach

Visiting is easy as it is wheelchair accessible, with staff providing additional aid, including carrying, pushing, and transferring from wheelchairs. Throughout, a range of guidance assistance is provided for some exhibits. From a seated position, there is a clear line of sight to all points of interest; however, while there is no designated seating, there is easy access to seating areas. There is a restaurant with ramp access and handrails.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free entrance
  2. Assistance provided, including carrying wheelchair and bags/transfers / assistive guidance
  3. Service dogs allowed
  4. Lowered ticketing desk
  5. Step-free restroom
  6. 60-inch turning space
  7. Sink clearance
  8. Elevator with auditory guidance and Braille
  9. Two designated parking spaces
  10. Step-free exhibition area
  11. A clear line of sight for all points of interest
  12. Fixed ramp to restaurant

Morikami Musem and Japanese Gardens

A stunningly designed tranquil garden, the Morikami Museum, and Japanese gardens located in Delray Beach are a must. Showing the rich tradition of Japanese art and culture, exhibits, events, and even educational programs are available. The main collection in the museum showcases Japanese art, historical items, and artifacts, while the gardens offer a serene place to relax.

Morikami Musem and Japanese Gardens, Palm Beach

There is an alternative ramp entrance to enter the building, once inside, the exhibition has obstacles, and there is not always easy-access seating. However, from a seated position, most points of interest are in the line of sight. Visual and auditory disabilities are catered to with closed captions, Braille, large print, and visual notifications.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Hearing and visual disability guidance provided
  3. Ramp access to the entrance
  4. Wide 118-inch door
  5. Lowered ticket desk
  6. Eight designated accessible parking spaces

Boca Raton Museum of Art

The Boca Raton Museum of Art is a renowned venue for a cultural day out. It has many contemporary and modern art collections across various art forms. The museum houses everything from sculptures and paintings to photography and multimedia installations.

Boca Raton Museum of Art, Palm Beach

For the most part, the museum is accessible, though there are some areas where assistance is needed. Various disability guidance, including large print, tactile paving, captioning, and visual notifications, are provided. The entrance is step-free, and the main lobby has a lowered ticket desk. Outside, the paths and trails are flat and smooth for good accessibility. The indoor exhibition space is step-free.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free access to building, exhibition, and restrooms
  2. Elevator
  3. Flat outdoor area
  4. Service dogs permitted
  5. Disability guidance provided

Accessible restaurants in Palm Beach


Located in PGA National Resort, Honeybelle offers an array of different southern dishes. Based on a seasonal menu, the dishes change depending on the ingredients and local produce available.

Honeybelle, Palm Beach

Offering indoor and outdoor seating for both an upper and lower balcony or patio, you're provided stunning views of the local area. However, this does mean that not all areas are step-free. To get into the restaurant, there are 20 steps, though an elevator and a stairlift are provided. Once in the restaurant, access to the seating areas is step-free, and there are more than 36 inches between tables. A step-free public restroom with an automatic faucet sensor is available.

Accessibility details:

  1. 20 steps to enter
  2. Elevator and stairlift available
  3. Service dogs allowed
  4. Step-free public restroom
  5. Easy access to the seating area
  6. 28-30 inch table height
  7. Push/carry wheelchair assistance provided

The Butcher's Club

Another restaurant located in the PGA National Resort, The Butcher's Club, is one of many unforgettable dining experiences in Palm Beach. As the name suggests, this restaurant is a meat-lover's dream, featuring a range of top-quality cuts, all served in a 1950s-style restaurant.

The Butcher's Club, Palm Beach

The restaurant is very accessible, situated on the ground floor with step-free access. A gentle ramp leads up to the entrance but does not have any handrails in place. The restaurant itself is also step-free, with maneuvering space between tables. Dining tables have a max height of 30 inches. A step-free restroom with grab bars, over 60 inches of turning space, and sink clearance is located nearby,

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free entrance
  2. Gentle ramp but no handrails
  3. Step-free public restroom
  4. Toilet grab bars
  5. Step-free accessible seating area
  6. 36 inches between tables
  7. Service dogs allowed
  8. Assistive guidance for visual or hearing disabilities
  9. Push/carry wheelchair bags assistance provided

Farmer's Table Restaurant

Found in the North Palm Beach Country Club, the Farmer's Table Restaurant is ideal for family dinners and special occasions. All ingredients have been responsibly sourced, offering a nutritious, welfare-friendly menu that eschews excess toxins for a healthier dining experience.

Farmer's Table Restaurant, Palm Beach

Accessing the restaurant is easy as there is a ramp with handrails (or three steps) up to the main entrance. Within the restaurant itself is a step-free restroom, space between tables, and a 30-inch maximum height for the dining tables.

Accessibility details:

  1. Gentle ramp and handrails
  2. Step-free public restroom
  3. Four designated parking spaces
  4. Ground-floor level restaurant
  5. 28-30 inch dining tables
  6. Over 36 inches between tables

SeaSpray Inlet Grill

Found along the shore, the SeaSpray Inlet Grill has a 100-seat outdoor dining area and stunning views of the sea. It offers a seafood-heavy menu with some classic dishes that use local produce at its core.

SeaSpray Inlet Grill, Palm Beach

A gentle ramp leads up to the restaurant, though be aware there are no handrails or stairlift options provided. The restaurant has good accessibility, including space between tables, good table heights, and a step-free, convenient public restroom.

Accessibility details:

  1. Ramp entrance
  2. Step-free public restroom
  3. Automatic faucet sensor
  4. Four designated parking spaces
  5. Step-free seating area
  6. Dining tables: 28-30 inches high
  7. Space between tables: <36 inches

How do you move around Palm Beach?

For a touch of sophistication and speed, consider hopping aboard the Brightline train. This modern rail system connects Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, offering a comfortable and scenic way to travel. Relax in sleek, air-conditioned cabins with ample legroom and enjoy convenient amenities like onboard Wi-Fi and charging ports. Brightline stations are conveniently located near major attractions, making it easy to jump off and explore. We mapped the accessibility of two stations; read below to find out details!

Brightline West Palm Beach Station

The modern transport hub, Brightline West Palm Beach Station, is a stunningly designed stop along the high-speed rail route. It's got excellent access to downtown West Palm Beach, as well as to neighboring cities. As such, it's a seamless and efficient travel option.

Brightline West Palm Beach Station

Entry to the station is a step-free ground floor entranceway with a wide 68-inch door width. Within the station, the flooring is flat and smooth. Public restrooms are available, and these are step-free and have disability-designated options. An elevator is available to take you to the upper levels, including the restaurant.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Assistance available, including Braille, visual notifications, wheelchair transfers, push /carry wheelchair
  3. Step-free access to the building
  4. Automatic door
  5. Standing ticketing desk
  6. Elevator
  7. 10 designated parking spaces
  8. Step-free restaurant accessible by lift

Brightline Boca Raton Station

Another stop along the high-speed rail route, Brightline Boca Raton Station, is the best stop for access to the Boca Raton Art Museum and other activities in the area.

Wheelchair-accessible train access

This station has a slightly steep slope to access the main entrance, though there are handrails in place. The station has smooth floors and access to elevators to reach the upper levels. A step-free restroom and restaurant are available on the ground floor.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free access
  2. Ramp and handrails
  3. Step-free public restroom
  4. No ticket desk
  5. Smooth floors
  6. Elevator
  7. 4 designated parking spaces
  8. Ground floor step-free self-service buffet

Where to visit and eat in Palm Beach

Due to the trains available, getting around Palm Beach is very easy. This makes visiting the array of attractions a very straightforward process. From the convention centers to the conservation of sea turtles, you'll find a wealth of options to keep you entertained throughout the day. After a day's exploration, many quality restaurants are available, specializing in seafood and southern dishes made from local produce. Find out more about this stunning beach town and look at our travel resources here.