Accessible Guide to Astoria: Hotels, Activities, and Restaurants in this Charming Coastal Town

Astoria, Oregon is a charming, wheelchair accessible town on the Oregon coast.
Astoria, Oregon

Nestled on the banks of the Columbia River, the communities of Astoria and
Warrenton combines rich history, stunning scenery, and delicious cuisine. This comprehensive, accessible guide unveils Astoria's gems, accessible things to do, accommodations, and dining experiences for visitors of all mobility needs to be able to enjoy its charms equally!

The town's maritime heritage shines at the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and underground adventures await with Astoria Underground Tours. Astoria invites you to explore and create lasting memories, whether you're into history, nature, or gastronomy.

Wheelchair accessible outdoor trails in Astoria, Oregon
A wheelchair user explores Astoria's natural landscapes

Accessible Things to do in Astoria:

Columbia River Maritime Museum:

This renowned institution offers an immersive journey through time, providing visitors with insights into the trials and triumphs of Astoria's coastal life. The museum's compelling exhibits showcase a wide array of artifacts, interactive displays, and even real historic vessels.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a maritime aficionado, or simply curious to discover more about the captivating stories of life on the coast, the Columbia River Maritime Museum has something to offer every visitor.

Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon is a wheelchair accessible activity
A wheelchair user exploring the Columbia River Maritime Museum


  • The site welcomes service dogs and provides hearing disability support through captioning, subtitles, and visual notifications.
  • Visitors with visual disabilities benefit from auditory guidance, large print materials, and step-free access.
  • The public restrooms are fully accessible, with wide doors, grab bars and automatic sensor faucets.
  • Step-free access and clear pathways are maintained throughout the exhibition and interior areas.
  • Designated accessible parking spaces are available, making the museum a welcoming destination for all.

Astoria Underground Tours:

Explore the hidden depths of the town's history by taking an Astoria Underground Tour! Uncover the underground tunnels that once served as a mysterious network of saloons, brothels, and smuggling routes.

These tours include relics and meticulously reconstructed residences so you can see how things were in the past. It can be modified to accommodate different mobility needs, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

Underground Tours in Astoria is accessible for all visitors.
Astoria Underground Tours.


  • While there may be certain obstacles at this site, the guides and staff have expertise in assisting individuals with disabilities and are ready to provide aid as needed.
  • Please note that accessible restrooms are unavailable, and wheelchair users may encounter challenges with uneven flooring in certain areas.
  • This tour is not advisable for power wheelchair users.

Astoria Column Park:

Astoria Column Park in Astoria is a must-visit landmark when visiting this city. Adorned with stunning exterior artwork, the column park boasts a viewing deck that offers breathtaking vistas of the city's iconic landmarks. The park's column is adorned with a stunning historical mural that spirals up its height, portraying the region's history in intricate detail.

Astoria Column Park is a beautiful area with accessibility.
Astoria Column Park


  • Astoria Column Park has smooth floors and gentle slopes, ensuring ease of movement for all visitors.
  • Designated parking spaces near the park entrance.
  • The park has an accessible public restroom equipped with toilet grab bars.
  • The entrance to the top of the column is not step-free; it has stairs all the way up. However, the outside surroundings are step-free and have smooth floors.

Accessible Hotels in Astoria

Wheel the World provides top-notch accessibility information for accurate and reliable bookings.
WTW mapper mapping accessibility of Astoria hotels.

Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa

Enjoy a luxurious stay at the Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa, an upscale waterfront accommodation with breathtaking river views. Relax in the rooftop hot tub, unwind in elegantly appointed accessible rooms, and savor locally sourced cuisine at its finest.

Accessible hotel in Astoria, Oregon - Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa
Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa, Astoria

Room amenities:

  • Roll-in showers & shower seats.
  • Toilet grab bars.
  • Free space under the bed.
  • Enough turning space for wheelchair users. 

Hotel amenities:

  • Step-free entrance.
  • Wide door entrance.
  • Restaurant entrance at ground level.
  • Elevator.

Holiday Inn Express And Suites Astoria

The Holiday Inn Express And Suites Astoria is a convenient accommodation in Astoria, Oregon. Ideal for budget-minded travelers, this hotel offers modern amenities and comfortable rooms. Guests can start their day with a complimentary breakfast before heading out to explore Astoria's attractions. With its central location, the Holiday Inn Express And Suites Astoria provides a convenient base for experiencing the town's rich history, stunning scenery, and diverse culinary offerings.

Accessible hotel in Astoria, Oregon - Holiday Inn Express And Suites Astoria
Holiday Inn Express And Suites Astoria

Room amenities:

  • Roll-in shower with flat entrance.
  • Bed's height -25 in.
  • Shower seat.
  • Smooth flooring.

Hotel amenities:

  • Wide door entrance.
  • Pool lift.
  • Entrance at ground level.
  • Elevator.

Best Western Columbia River Waterfront Hotel Astoria

Nestled on the picturesque Columbia River waterfront, the Best Western Columbia River Waterfront Hotel in Astoria offers a captivating blend of comfort and charm. Enjoy stunning river views, modern amenities, and easy access to Astoria's historic sites. Immerse yourself in this inviting coastal retreat, where every stay becomes a memorable experience.

Room amenities:

  • Roll in shower
  • Shower seat
  • Bathroom with turning space
  • Room smooth flooring

Hotel amenities:

  • Step-free entrance.
  • Wide door entrance
  • Pool lift
  • Automatic door

Accessible restaurants in Astoria

Fort George Brewery:

Savor the essence of local craft beers and tantalizing pub fare at the Fort George Brewery. This esteemed brewpub features three locations on one city block and presents an expansive menu within a cozy, inviting ambiance, featuring an array of culinary delights like succulent burgers, wood-fired pizza, and a selection of fresh seafood options.

Fort George is a must-visit brewery / restaurant in Astoria, Oregon. It is also accessible for wheelchair-users.
Fort George Brewery, Astoria.


  • The restaurant has a slightly steep ramp entrance
  • Accessible restrooms on-site equipped with toilet grab bars
  • Smooth, flat exterior floors.
  • Obstacle-free access to the seating area.

Buoy Beer Company:

Buoy Beer Company focuses on traditional European-style lagers and well-balanced northwest ales. The Buoy Beer Taproom is currently operating out of the Astoria Food Hub in downtown Astoria. The counter service restaurant offers a robust food menu featuring local seafood & produce, plus draft beer, wine, and cocktails.


  • The restaurant has a ground-level entrance
  • The site has accessible restrooms equipped with toilet grab bars.
  • There are dining-height tables, set between 28 and 30 inches in height.

Bridgewater Bistro:

Bridgewater Bistro offers a sublime fine dining experience, spotlighting regional cuisine crafted from the freshest locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant's elegant dining room provides an enchanting setting for savoring exquisite dishes, all while you delight in the breathtaking scenery of river views.

Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria, Oregon is a recommended restaurant to eat at. It is wheelchair accessible.
Bridgewater Bistro, Astoria.


  • The restaurant has a step-free entrance
  • It has accessible restrooms equipped with toilet grab bars
  • Boasts easy access to seating areas
  • Dining-height tables, ranging between 28 and 30 inches, height suited for wheelchair users.


This small coastal town is perfect for a vacation, weekend getaway, or even a day-trip. There is so much to explore and the best part: it is very accessible. The Oregon coast is full of beautiful vacation spots and well-known areas - Astoria, on the other hand, is a hidden gem that you need to known about. How does that sound?

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