Top 4 Accessible Hotels in Palm Beach, Florida

Top 4 Accessible Hotels in Palm Beach, Florida
Palm Beach, Florida

Without question, Palm Beach in Florida is known for its incredibly upmarket and expensive environment and lifestyle. There are many stunning mansions and homes in the area, not to mention a wealth of top-notch resorts to enjoy. Additionally, there are several museums and historical landmarks to visit and some stunning beaches to relax on all day. Despite all this, the area retains its small-town feel as well as offering a high quality of life. If you're looking for a bit of an indulgent vacation, could Palm Beach be your next destination?

While all the available resorts and suites look great, not all are accessible. So, we have taken a look at where the best, most accessible resorts are. We look at the overall accessibility in place and what features and amenities each hotel has to offer.

Have a look here and see if you can find the perfect resort for your trip to Palm Beach.

Accessible places to stay in Palm Beach

PGA National Resort

Located further into the town itself, the PGA National Resort is a luxury resort that gives you access to a golf course, fine dining experiences, a spa, and even events. Found in the center of the Garden community, you'll find yourself surrounded by greenery wherever you are. The golf course boasts an impressive 99 holes of championship golf, alongside a range of other resort amenities.

PGA National Resort, Palm Beach

Throughout the resort, there is good accessibility in place. Most areas offer step-free access including the dining areas, hotel entrance, and a zero-entry swimming pool. Additionally, staff are on hand to provide assistance as and when you need it.

Accessible Deluxe Junior Suite King, PGA National Resort

Regarding the rooms, different accessibility needs are met depending on the room chosen. The standard King and Deluxe Queen rooms offer a shower seat, wide door, and bathtub. However, should you choose a Deluxe Junior Suite, there are roll-in showers, a fixed shower seat, grab bars, and wide turning spaces throughout the room. You can check for further room details here.

Hotel accessibility:

  1. Step-free hotel entrance
  2. More than 60 in (152 cm) turning space
  3. Wide automatic door and gentle ramp
  4. Service dogs allowed
  5. Wheelchair assistance provided
  6. Hearing and visual disability guidance available
  7. Stairlift to restaurant
  8. Step-free access to the swimming pool
  9. 12 designated accessible parking spaces

Room accessibility:

  1. Roll-in shower
  2. Side pull door
  3. Shower grab bars
  4. Portable shower seat / fixed shower seat
  5. 52 in (132 cm) turning space in the bathroom
  6. Step-free room access
  7. 25 in (64 cm) bed height
  8. Light switch accessible from the bed

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

One of just seven resorts in Florida to receive the Forbes Five-Star rating, the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is the best destination if you need luxury or a little pampering. Part of the fun here is that the resort is located on its own private beach. Other hotel amenities include a spa, gym, pool, and kids programs. On top of this, Breeze Open Kitchen is a fine dining restaurant situated near the oceanfront and offers a range of seafood, burgers, poke bowls, and more.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Palm Beach

A wide array of assistance is provided to any guests staying here. This includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair aid, transfers, lifting, and guidance. The resort has step-free access to most areas including the main entrance, restaurant, lobby, and public bathrooms. Pool access does have steps, but a pool lift is also provided. There are 16 steps down to the beachfront, but handrails are in place, and assistance is provided by staff.

Room, 2 Double Beds, Resort View, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

The rooms have similar amenities and accessibility in place no matter what room type you choose. This includes a roll-in shower, grab bars, shower seats, and more than 60 inches of turning space. The rooms are spacious with minimal obstacles and large areas to turn including 21 in free space on each side of the bed. Visual aids are provided in the rooms including for the fire alarm.

Hotel accessibility:

  1. Step-free hotel entrance
  2. Ramp at entrance
  3. Automatic push door
  4. Tactile guidance path
  5. Ground-floor restaurant entrance
  6. Step-free seating area
  7. Pool lift provided
  8. Service dogs allowed
  9. Hearing and visibility guidance provided

Room accessibility:

  1. Roll-in shower
  2. Shower grab bars
  3. Flat shower entrance
  4. 60 in (152 cm) bathroom turning space
  5. Fixed shower seat
  6. Toilet grab bars
  7. Step-free room access
  8. Visual fire alarm
  9. 28 in or 32 in (71 or 81 cm) bed height
  10. Phone and light switch reachable from the bed

Home2Suites By Hilton West Palm Beach Airport

For a longer stay or a home away from home feel, then the fully functional suites at Home2Suites by Hilton are a great option. Free breakfast is provided each morning, and there are shuttle transfers provided to the International airport nearby. The hotel is also located conveniently near CityPlace and other shopping options.

Home2Suites By Hilton West Palm Beach Airport, Palm Beach

The resort has several excellent amenities, including a pool, a BBQ area, an event room, a garden, and more. There is free parking for the hotel and step-free access to most areas within the grounds. Assistance is also provided by staff including assistive guidance, wheelchair transfers, carrying bags, and so on.

Roll-in shower at Standard double queen room, Home2Suites By Hilton West Palm Beach Airport

Rooms have similar features, although there are special hearing-accessible rooms with additional features including a door signaler, and visual notifications for smoke and fire alarms. Elsewhere, rooms are similar offering step-free access, 60 in turning space, 25 in bed height (28 in for Kings), grab bars, and a bathtub with a fixed shower seat. The Double Queen is the only option with a roll-in shower.

Hotel accessibility:

  1. Step-free entrance
  2. Handicap push button
  3. Ground-level restaurant
  4. Step-free buffet area
  5. Same-level swimming pool entrance
  6. Pool lift
  7. Step-free public restrooms
  8. Elevator with 42 in (107 cm) door width
  9. Service dogs permitted
  10. Disability guidance available

Room accessibility:,

  1. 60 in (152 cm) turning space
  2. Fixed shower seat
  3. Toilet and shower grab bars
  4. Step-free room access
  5. Telephone and light switch reachable from bed

Residence Inn by Marriott West Palm Beach Downtown

A stunning place to escape for a vacation, the Residence Inn by Marriott is located in the downtown area. Great for pets, and an extended stay, the hotel is conveniently located near many great attractions including the University, Kravis Center, Convention Center, and Norton Museum of Art. It's also close to the top beaches in the area if a relaxing day is what you're after.

Residence Inn by Marriott West Palm Beach Downtown, Palm Beach

The hotel has several top amenities in place including ergonomic workspaces, top kitchens, a complimentary breakfast buffet, a 24-hour fitness center, and an outdoor pool. It's got step-free access at ground level via the main entrance as well as a lobby, with a lowered front desk. A range of disability guidance is provided depending on the area. The pool has step-free access as well as a pool lift.

Roll-in Shower, Residence Inn by Marriott West Palm Beach Downtown

The Studio King rooms feature a range of accessibility features, including specific additions for people with hearing disabilities. These rooms offer roll-in showers, grab bars throughout the bathroom, and ample turning space both in the bathroom and bedroom.

Hotel accessibility:

  1. Step-free hotel entrance
  2. 72 in (183 cm) door width
  3. Lowered lobby desk
  4. Step-free public restrooms
  5. Ground-level swimming pool entrance and pool lift
  6. Large print visual guidance
  7. Step-free restaurant and buffet access

Room accessibility:

  1. Roll-in shower with flat entrance
  2. Shower and toilet grab bars
  3. Fixed shower seat
  4. Step-free room access
  5. 22 in (56 cm) bed height
  6. 38 in (97 cm) free space on each side of the bed
  7. Light switch and telephone reachable from bed
  8. 60 in (152 cm) turning space in the bedroom
  9. Hearing disability guidance for alarms / telephone and door signaler

Stay in accessible hotels when visiting Palm Beach

There are many activities to do in this area. Of course, some of the most popular things involve the sea and sand. With that in mind, being within walking or wheeling distance of the beaches has several pluses, which is why choosing your hotel carefully is a must. Happily, many hotels and suites in the area cater to various accessibility requirements.

Staying near the beach in style is a great option, with all manner of top-quality hotels located along and near the beachfront. Depending on where you stay, these top lodgings include roll-in showers, shower seats, ample turning spaces, wide doors, various additional types of assistance, and so much more. You can find out more about where to stay and what room to choose in our travel guidance and resources found here.

Visit this popular part of Florida and enjoy the glitz and glam of the beach high-life for a few days while staying in style.