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in your first accessible experience at

You are one step away from activating your credits 💸 before they expire. Just fill out the form below, indicating the full name of the person who invited you to enjoy your next accessible experience 🌎.

Wheel the World is the best solution to get accessible travel experiences. You can find and book accessible accommodations, activities, transportation and group tours with reliable accessibility information and personalized support, all you need in one place!

How can I redeem my Wheel the World credits?

Credits can be redeemed online by making a reservation at, or through an email or phone call.

Do credits expire?

Credits must be used within one year after activation. After that date, credits are no longer valid.

I was referred to Wheel the World by more than one person, can I redeem the credits of all the people who referred me?

Once referred, you can redeem the credit only once. In case you want more credits, you can refer more people to travel with Wheel the World.

Is there a limit on the use of credits per reservation?

Yes, you will be able to use the accumulated credits up to 20% of the total cost of your reservation. In case there are any credits remaining, they will be saved for your next trip with Wheel the World.

I have booked in the past with Wheel the World, do the credits apply to me?

If you were referred, the credits only apply to your first booking with Wheel the World. However, you can refer your friends or family and earn $200 in credits for each new person who books with us and mentions you as their referrer.

I want to participate in the program and refer people to travel with Wheel the World to earn more credits! How do I participate?

If you have completed a trip, you can easily share the link you received with anyone you want. The person will then need to complete the form by providing their details and inserting your name in the 'Who referred you?' field.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer to?

You can refer as many people as you want, with or without disabilities.

When will the credits be given to my account to use in Wheel the World?

Credits will be added to your Wheel the World account once the person you have referred has made a reservation with us and mentioned your name at the time of booking. Your account is associated with your email address, so you must use the same email address you used to activate your credits in order to redeem them.

Is there a maximum number of credits I can accumulate in my Wheel the World account?

Yes, the maximum number of credits you can accumulate in your personal Wheel the World account is $3,600 USD.

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