Exciting Accessible Things To Do and Places to Eat in Lexington, Kentucky

Exciting Accessible Things To Do and Places to Eat in Lexington, Kentucky
Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Lexington is a large city in Kentucky. Known for its racetracks and thoroughbred farms, it is particularly horse-focused. It's the second-largest city in the state and has been dubbed the Horse Capital of the World. Thousands flock here yearly to watch the horse races or buy thoroughbreds in the horse sales. But there's more to see than just horses here.

For instance, Lexington is also home to some famous bourbon, which means there are ample places to go for a nice drink throughout the city. Of course, there's a lot of history here too. Step back in time with a visit to the Shaker community, or enjoy the more festive side of the city at one of the many live music events on offer. With so much to see and do, this could well be your next exciting vacation stopover.

Of course, while there are many activities, restaurants, and distilleries, not everything is accessible. As such, we've found some of the best activities and places to eat in Lexington while considering accessibility. For a top experience in the area, read on and find out what we recommend.

Accessible things to do in Lexington

James E. Pepper Distillery

A historic bourbon distillery, the James E. Pepper Distillery is well worth a visit when you're in the area. It's a great way to get a full immersion into whiskey distilling methods, some of which date back to the 19th century. Not only can you get a tour around the facility, but you can enjoy tastings as well.

James E. Pepper Distillery, Lexington

The tours are provided by the distillery itself, which helps to make the experience more special. You'll be taken around the working distillery as well as the museum. The entire exhibition area has smooth, flat surfaces that make getting around easy. All areas are free from obstacles as well for independent navigation. Additionally, all exhibits are interactive for both hearing and visual disabilities, with ASL provided if needed.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free building access
  2. Ramps with handrails
  3. Step-free restroom
  4. Over 60 inches of restroom turning space
  5. Step-free exhibition area
  6. Smooth floor clear of obstacles
  7. Two designated accessible parking spaces
  8. Service dogs are allowed
  9. Sign language offered (ASL)

Keeneland Racecourse

Arguably one of the most famous destinations for anyone who comes to this city, the Keeneland Racecourse offers an exhilarating horse experience. This historical racetrack also features horse sales. You can explore the whole area and enjoy the local scenery as the track is set in some stunning landscapes. Watch the races, eat in the restaurant, or stop off at the gift shop when you visit this venue on a day trip.

Keeneland Racecourse, Lexington

Getting around is easy as the grounds are flat with gentle ramps and handrails where necessary. However, areas like the stands are not completely accessible as they have steps. That being said, there are spaces at the top of the stands that are accessible and where races can be viewed. An elevator with a 48-inch door width is provided for access to areas such as the restaurant.

Accessibility details:

  1. Push / Carry wheelchair assistance provided
  2. Flat outdoor area with a variety of surfaces
  3. Step-free seating areas
  4. Accessible paths
  5. Elevator to restaurant
  6. Step-free restroom
  7. 400 accessible parking spaces

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky is dedicated to preserving the aviation history of The Bluegrass State. Not only is there a collection of aircraft, but also various artifacts and exhibits outlining Kentucky's contribution to aviation as a whole.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Lexington

The Museum is easy to access and has obstacle and step-free access throughout. Exhibition spaces have a line of sight from a seated position for some points of interest. Other areas, such as the indoor play area, gift shop, and restroom, also have step-free access, thin carpets, and more than 60 inches of turning space.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Captioning and large print guidance
  3. Step-free ramp access to the museum
  4. Automatic door
  5. Lowered ticketing desk
  6. Step-free exhibition area and restroom
  7. 4 designated parking spaces

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate

Home of Henry Clay, the Ashland Estate is an area of historical interest located in Lexington. Clay was a famous American politician and speaker known for representing Kentucky State. He adamantly supported the war in 1812, even lobbying the House of Representatives for their support. The Estate is home to a comprehensive and informative museum providing a guide into Clay's life.

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, Lexington

The site has an alternative ramp entrance, and areas are step-free, including the gift shop, cafe, and restroom. Most areas are free from obstacles, although this is not true of the exhibition space, which also has no seating areas. However, a clear line of sight to points of interest is provided from a seated position.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs permitted
  2. Large print and captioning guidance
  3. Ramp entrance
  4. Step-free exhibition area
  5. No seating area
  6. 2 designated accessible parking spaces

Kentucky Horse Park

The premier equestrian facility in the area, Kentucky Horse Park is the place to go for all horse enthusiasts. This has huge museums, wide-open landscapes, and top equestrian events throughout the year. Not only can you enjoy discovering some equine history, but it's also a place to watch the best horsemanship in the flesh. It's possible to visit the Museum of the Horse using the same ticket.

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington

The entire area is outside, which means that there are different surfaces to navigate, including grass, dirt, cobbles, and gravel. Topography varies throughout and includes flat, gentle, and steep slopes; the latter may require additional assistance.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs are allowed
  2. Captioning/subtitles provided
  3. Outdoor area
  4. Step-free restroom

Accessible restaurants in Lexington

33 Staves Restaurant

Offering a southern-inspired menu, 33 Staves has a seasonal menu based on the ingredients and produce from local farmers. Hints of bourbon are infused throughout the menu, and this is complemented by a bourbon list and cocktail menu.

33 Staves Restaurant, Lexington

The restaurant has a range of different seating options, including bar tables and dining tables. Throughout the restaurant, there is ample space between tables for easy navigation. Service dogs are permitted, and the menu has large print visibility guidance.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free access with ground-level entrance
  2. Automatic 35-inch door
  3. Step-free seating area
  4. 28-30 inch height dining tables
  5. More than 36 inches between tables
  6. Service dogs allowed
  7. Visibility guidance available


This beautiful neighborhood restaurant has a lot of fantastic dishes, all packed with local flavor. Located in downtown Lexington, Lockbox is led by Executive Chef Stephen Holden, who offers a seasonal menu complete with a bourbon and cocktail menu. The vibe is relaxed, making this a great option to chill with friends at the end of a long day of sightseeing.

Lockbox, Lexington

It's open all day and includes a breakfast, brunch, and dinner menu to meet your needs. The restaurant is on ground level for easy access. There is ample space between tables for maneuvering, and service dogs are allowed.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free building access
  2. Step-free ground-level restaurant
  3. 28-30 inch dining table height
  4. More than 36 inches between tables
  5. Service dogs permitted

The Rackhouse Tavern

A popular restaurant in Lexington, the Rackhouse Tavern, is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant serves an exciting fusion of traditional and innovative plates. These are inspired by the local produce and ingredients. It's also part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which means that you can sample more than 300 bourbons.

The Rackhouse Tavern, Lexington

It's situated on the ground floor with step-free access to the eating area, space between tables, and various forms of additional disability guidance.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free restaurant access
  2. Ramp and handrails provided
  3. Handicap door push button
  4. 28-30 inch dining tables
  5. Over 36 inches between tables
  6. No service dogs allowed
  7. Auditory and visual guidance provided

Enjoy fun activities and eateries around Lexington

The Horse Capital of the World has a lot to offer visitors. If you're horse-mad, there are races, stud farms, horse museums, and more to enjoy. However, if you're a foodie, there's also much to enjoy, including steak and bourbon tasting. If you prefer to get out and about, then there are several scenic routes and trails in the surrounding areas, including Jacobson Park and McConnell Springs. Discover all you can do in this iconic city by taking a look at our travel resources here.

Throw yourself into this horsey world when you visit the bustling horse metropolis of Lexington, Kentucky!

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