Discover Accessible Restaurants, Hotel, and Activities in Depoe Bay, Oregon

Discover Accessible Restaurants, Hotel, and Activities in Depoe Bay, Oregon
Depoe Bay, Oregon Coast

Depoe Bay is located off Hwy 101 in one of the most scenic areas of Oregon's Coast. There are many areas of natural beauty and several interesting geological features to be seen nearby. But one of the standout features of this area is year-round whale watching. Visitors can do this from the Whale Watching Center perched on a seawall above Depoe Bay or by heading out to sea from the world's smallest harbor. In Summer and Fall, resident whales come inshore to feed. Additionally, migrating whales can be spotted traveling south each year in December and January, then north from March to June. After a day's whale watching or coastal exploration, as this is a seaside town, there are plenty of seafood restaurants to enjoy.

But not everywhere is easy to access. Considering this, we've looked at the best activities, restaurants, and places to stay, with accessibility information at the forefront.

Accessible hotel recommendation in Depo Bay

SCP Depoe Bay

Right near the oceanfront, SCP Depoe Bay is a great spot to return to each day after being out exploring. The hotel is within walking or wheeling distance of the sea. Happily, it comes with various accessibility options to make your stay even better. With a restaurant as part of the hotel, you can simply head out and grab some stunning seafood while watching the waves.

ADA Queen Room - SCP Depoe Bay

The ADA rooms are spacious, with over 60 turning spaces in the bedroom. With smooth floors, you're not going to get caught up on anything as you move about the room. There is no shower, only an accessible bathtub, but grab bars make transfers a lot easier. SCP's rooms are sparsely furnished, ensuring you've got the space to move around easily.

Hotel accessibility:

  1. Step-free entrance
  2. 70 in wide entrance door
  3. Ground floor level restaurant
  4. Accessible front desk
  5. Two accessible parking spaces
  6. Visual notifications
  7. Large print guidance
  8. Service dogs allowed

Room accessibility:

  1. Accessible bathtub
  2. Fixed shower and toilet grab bars
  3. Step-free bathroom access
  4. 32 indoor width
  5. 24 in bed height
  6. 38 in free space on either side of the bed
  7. Light switch reachable from the bed
  8. Smooth floor

Things to do in Depoe Bay

Whale, Sea Life and Shark Museum

This is a captivating attraction that goes into detail about marine life. The Whale, Sea Life, and Shark Museum is the best place for visitors to learn more about marine mammals, fish, and other sea creatures through interactive exhibits and educational displays. Before heading out on a whale tour, this is a great place to start to get an understanding of these majestic creatures.

Whale, Sea Life and Shark Museum, Depoe Bay

The museum isn't large and mostly situated on the ground floor. However, while there is step-free access to the building, there are three small steps into the exhibition area. Once there, seated access is provided to all exhibits. The area is flat and smooth for improved mobility, and free from obstacles, allowing independent navigation.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free building access
  2. Standing front desk
  3. Hearing disability guidance provided
  4. Service dogs permitted
  5. Step-free restroom
  6. Easy-access seating areas

Tradewinds Charters - Whale Watching and Fishing

For an unforgettable day and the chance to see whales up close, a trip with Tradewind Charters is a must. A one-hour tour, the modern vessels take you up close and personal to the whales. It's a great experience and accessible as well, thanks to the careful setup and obstacle-free boats.

Tradewinds Charters - Whale Watching and Fishing, Depoe Bay

Boarding the betting down to the boat takes place via boardwalks around the harbor. Access to the ticket office and boat is step-free, with ramps in place. Once aboard, the deck is flat, enabling full access and viewing of the whales over the side of the boat.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Ramp entrance to the boat
  3. Push/carry wheelchair, transfers, bag carry provided
  4. Visual notifications
  5. Assistive guidance for visual impairment on request
  6. Flat office area
  7. Two designated accessible parking spaces

Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint

Situated close to Depoe Bay, the Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint offers unbelievable panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The area is well-known for its cliffs and huge waves, making it a great spot for coastal exploration. On top of that, come in the right season, and you'll spot some whales, making this an unmissable destination.

Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint, Depoe Bay

Thanks to flat, smooth paths, the area is wheelchair accessible and can be navigated independently. Step-free seating areas are available with great views of the ocean. Additionally, there is a restroom along these paths with step-free access and more than 60 in turning space.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs permitted
  2. Gentle slopes
  3. Non-designated, step-free seating
  4. Accessible trails
  5. Step-free restroom
  6. Toilet grab bars

World's Smallest Harbor

A unique yet fun activity in Depoe Bay is a visit to the world's smallest harbor. The natural harbor covers just 6 acres, but it offers many exciting activities nearby. First, it's possible to watch whales from the Whale Watching Center and observation decks at the harbor mouth without having to get on a boat. It's also got many quaint shops in the area and some fresh seafood restaurants. On top of that, the harbor is simply picturesque in its own right.

World's Smallest Harbor, Depoe Bay

The harbor is easy to get around with tarmac or boardwalk flat paths throughout the area. Non-designated seating areas are provided, too, and these are step-free. However, be aware that there are no public restrooms in the area.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Smooth outdoor areas
  3. Gentle slopes
  4. Accessible paths
  5. Easy access seating areas

Restaurants in Depoe Bay

Tidal Raves Seafood Grill

Located next to the Pacific, Tidal Raves Seafood Grill gives you a stunning view of the Oregon Coast while offering delicious seafood dishes. With an ocean cliff drop, it's a dramatic view from the window seats.

Tidal Raves Seafood Grill, Depoe Bay

Offering American-style seafood, Tidal Raves provides an accessible lookout while grabbing a sandwich at lunch or enjoying one of the house specialties for dinner. The building has five shallow steps and an alternative ramp entrance. Once inside the building, the restaurant itself is accessible with step-free access. Wide spaces separate the tables for ease of moving around, and they're set at 30 in for comfortable eating.

Accessibility details:

  1. Ramp entrance
  2. Two accessible designated parking spaces
  3. Step-free restroom access
  4. Over 60 in restroom turning space
  5. Step-free restaurant access
  6. 28-30 in dining table height
  7. Over 36 in between tables
  8. Service dogs allowed

Gracie's Sea Hag

Right down on the oceanfront, Gracie's Sea Hag is a fun-filled seafood restaurant open all day, every day, in Depoe Bay. It offers a range of fishy dishes, and there's a maritime theme and live music to boot. As such, this makes for a great stopover whether you're popping in for breakfast, grabbing a bite for lunch, or looking for fun and grub in the evening.

Gracie's Sea Hag, Depoe Bay

Access is simple as this is step-free into the building, restaurant, and restroom. Ample turning space is provided in the restroom, and space is also provided when entering the restaurant and navigating the table layout. Better yet, the helpful staff are on hand to assist in various ways if necessary — you simply have to ask.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free building access
  2. Ground level restaurant
  3. Step-free restroom
  4. Over 60 in turning space
  5. 28-30 in dining table height
  6. Over 36 in between tables
  7. Service dogs allowed

The Horn Public House and Brewing Company

For more rustic fare, look no further than The Horn Public House and Brewing CompanyLook no further than The Horn Public House and Brewing Company for more rustic fare. Recently reopened, the Horn overlooks the smallest natural harbor in the world, giving you stunningly picturesque views while you eat your food. Not only can you find seafood and some of the Oregon Coast's best clam chowder, but other American staples too, including burgers and pizza, washed down with some fine craft beers.

The Horn Public House and Brewing Company, Depoe Bay

Access to the Horn and its restaurant is step-free. You'll have full navigability throughout the dining area with wide spaces between tables and smooth flooring. Staff are more than willing to provide assistance if needed, and service dogs are allowed.

Accessibility details:

  1. Building access is step-free
  2. Ramp and handrails to the entrance
  3. Step-free public restroom
  4. More than 60 in turning space
  5. Ground level restaurant
  6. Step-free seating access
  7. 28-30 in dining table height
  8. Over 36 in between tables
  9. Service dogs allowed

Get out and about in Depoe Bay

With the World's Smallest Harbor one of many draws, Depoe Bay offers visitors tons of fun things to do. Of course, most of you will have come here for the scenery and the whale watching, which is available during specific times of the year. Its location on the Oregon Coast means Depoe Bay is also an exciting place for any foodie, replete with many seafood restaurants like The Sticks. Discover all you can do in this quaint town by looking at our travel resources.