Accessible Things To Do and Places To Eat in Martin County, Florida

Accessible Things To Do and Places To Eat in Martin County, Florida
Martin County, Florida

Located in southeastern Florida, Martin County is the place to go if you want some relaxing time off. With 20 miles of beaches available, you can find the perfect spot to chill out and relax, or go for a gentle dip. Additionally, it's an area of natural beauty with a variety of national and state parks with some great walks available.

On top of that, there are some excellent fine dining experiences to be had. Make the most of the area by joining a fishing trip, trying out local seafood, or heading to one of the big festivals. For a little more history, visit Downtown Stuart, dubbed the happiest seaside town in the US.

As there are many activities and restaurants to discover, knowing which ones are accessible is key to your enjoyment. With this in mind, we've found some of the best activities and restaurants in Martin County, all with accessibility in mind. Read on to have an exciting time when you visit this area of Florida.

Accessible Things to do in Martin County

Indian Riverside Park

For a relaxing day out, Indian Riverside Park is a beautiful recreational area in Jensen Beach, Florida. The 63-acre park has a range of amenities including a beach, four picnic pavilions, playgrounds, the Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast, a 780-foot fishing pier, and a 3/4-mile walking trail and mangrove boardwalk. Renowned for its views of the Indian River Lagoon, it's a serene setting for a day out.

Indian Riverside Park, Florida

Getting around by yourself in the park is easy as the area is paved with smooth tarmac or cobblestone. It's completely flat too, offering plenty of accessible paths. However, you will need to be prepared as there are no seating areas, nor is there step-free access to any restroom. Exhibition areas are step-free though, and have good accessibility within the exhibition space.

Accessibility details:

  1. Ramp to access outdoor area
  2. Service dogs allowed
  3. Braille and large print guidance
  4. Exhibition area is step-free
  5. Elevator
  6. 12 designated accessible parking spaces

Halpatiokee Regional Park

A scenic outdoor recreational area located in Stuart, Halpatiokee Regional Park offers large, wide-open green spaces, woodland hiking, picnic areas, and more. For those looking to dive into nature and escape the hustle and bustle of some of the beaches, this is the perfect spot. In addition to the walks, there's also a large lake where boating and fishing activities take place.

Halpatiokee Regional Park, Florida

The entire park is wheelchair accessible and can be traveled independently. However, the ground here can be grass, sand, or dirt, so while it is flat and smooth, you may require assistance in some areas. Depending on the season, there are some inaccessible paths. For other amenities, there is a step-free restroom available and designated parking.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Completely flat outdoor area
  3. Mostly accessible paths
  4. Step-free restroom
  5. 10 designated accessible parking spaces

Elliott Museum

If you want to learn more about the county, then Elliot Museum in Stuart is the place to go. The museum offers a diverse selection of historical, technological, and art pieces, providing a unique insight into Martin County's cultural heritage.

Elliott Museum, Florida

Elliott Museum is easy to access and provides step-free and obstacle-free access throughout the exhibition space. Some points of interest have a clear line of sight from a seated position. The museum also has a ground-level, step-free restaurant and restroom, as well as an elevator if needed.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Staff able to Push/carry wheelchair/bags
  3. Assistive guidance for visual disability
  4. Captioning, subtitles, and ASL
  5. Step-free building access
  6. Lowered ticketing desk
  7. Step-free restroom and restaurant
  8. 5 designated parking spaces

Barn Theater

If you want to discover a cultural gem, then head to Martin County's renowned Barn Theater. This is a performing arts theater offering a wide array of theatrical productions, most of which are family-friendly. Live concerts, plays, musicals, and more are all found here, and it offers a fun space to rub shoulders with the locals.

Barn Theater, Florida

The theater is accessibility-friendly, offering designated seating areas for people with disabilities. These seats provide a clear line of sight to the stage, so you won't miss out on anything. Additionally, clear pathways and obstacle-free corridors allow independent navigation throughout the venue.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs permitted
  2. Transfer, push/carry wheelchair assistance
  3. Step-free building access
  4. Standing ticketing desk
  5. Step-free exhibition areas
  6. Designated disabled seating area
  7. Two designated accessible parking spaces

Stuart Beach

Picking just one out of the many beaches in the area can be hard. For a great day of relaxation, Stuart Beach offers pristine sands and super clear blue waters. Sunbathing, swimming, and even beach volleyball are options here. Better still, there's a beach wheelchair available on-site for improved accessibility.

Stuart Beach, Florida

Getting onto the beach itself is straightforward, as there is a boardwalk with handrails. Recliners are provided too, for more comfortable relaxation. There are gentle slopes throughout the beach and adjacent park, with all areas accessible, especially if using the beach wheelchair that the site offers. The covered picnic areas and seating areas at the Seaside Café are also easily accessible. A step-free restroom is available, offering plenty of turning space and toilet grab bars.

Accessibility details:

  1. Ramp access to the beach
  2. Accessible paths
  3. Beach wheelchair provided
  4. Access to beach restaurant via fixed ramp
  5. Step-free public restroom
  6. Eighteen designated accessible parking spaces

Sailfish Splash Waterpark

This popular waterpark, Sailfish Splash, is located in Stuart. The many water attractions available here include wave pools, lazy rivers, waterslides, and splash pads, perfect for a range of ages. It's clean, well-maintained, and has friendly staff on hand to provide transfer assistance if needed.

Sailfish Splash Waterpark, Florida

The whole area of the waterpark is flat and smooth. There are two swimming pools, one has a ramp, and the other offers a pool lift for easier accessibility. Both changing and restroom areas offer step-free access throughout with plenty of turning space and grab bars available. The on-site restaurant also offers step-free access with plenty of space between tables.

Accessibility details:

  1. Service dogs allowed
  2. Lowered ticketing desk
  3. Step-free restroom
  4. Ground floor entrance
  5. Flat outdoor area
  6. Elevator
  7. Pool lift and ramp access
  8. Step-free restaurant
  9. 10 Accessible designated parking spaces
  10. Visual and hearing guidance provided

Accessible Restaurants in Martin County

Black Marlin

This cozy eatery is a popular choice in Stuart. Black Marlin offers an extensive seafood menu alongside a grill. There's also a bar offering a variety of cocktails. The restaurant blends top-quality food with a homely atmosphere while providing some local history as well.

Black Marlin, Florida

The restaurant is located on the ground floor and has step-free access throughout, including the restroom. Ample space is also provided for navigation between tables. Some visual and hearing guidance is provided, and staff are happy to help with other accessibility needs, including pushing wheelchairs or carrying bags.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free restaurant access
  2. Manual door
  3. 28-30 in dining table height
  4. Over 36 in between tables
  5. Step-free restroom
  6. Service dogs allowed
  7. Large print guidance
  8. Assistive guidance, transfers, and carry bags/wheelchairs offered

Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House

Located right on the water's edge, Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House was created by movie star Frances Langford. It's one of the best restaurants in Jensen Beach and is a great place to grab some seafood while enjoying the lively evening ambiance. With happy hours, Sunday brunches, live music, and excellent service, this is a great spot to relax after a day's exploration.

Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House, Florida

The restaurant has ramp access from both the parking lot and landing dock. Once inside, the area has enough space to navigate between tables comfortably. Staff are on hand to provide additional assistance, and visibility guidance is provided in the form of large print menus.

Accessibility details:

  1. Ramp and handrails provided
  2. Step-free restroom
  3. 4 accessible designated parking spaces
  4. Visibility guidance
  5. Standing ticket desk
  6. 28-30 in table height
  7. Over 36 in space between tables

Palm City Social

For casual dining, the Palm City Social is a great American restaurant in Palm City. Offering a spacious and comfortable area, you can relax with a cocktail or get your hands on a range of different dishes, including seafood, Italian, burgers, soups, and a dessert menu filled with American staples such as Key Lime pie.

Palm City Social, Florida

The Social offers easy access throughout the premises with step-free access into the building, restaurant, and restroom. Not all areas offer accessible, step-free seating, though, as some have no easy access, so booking ahead to reserve a table is recommended.

Accessibility details:

  1. Step-free restaurant access
  2. Large print menus
  3. Service dogs permitted
  4. Step-free restroom
  5. Some step-free seating access
  6. 12 designated accessible parking spaces

Enjoy fun activities and eateries in Martin County

This corner of Florida is known for its beaches and natural environment. There are many wildlife areas and beaches, including the Gomez Preserve Nature Trail and Hobe Sound Beach, which you can explore. Additionally, there are a variety of museums, city parks, and scenic coastal towns like Jensen Beach to discover in the area. If you want to find out all about these different areas of interest, take a look at our travel resources here.

If you are visiting soon but still have not decided where to stay, check out our blog and choose your hotel!

Immerse yourself in nature, relax on beaches, or enjoy fine dining when you visit Martin County, Florida.